Are We Looking for you?

Have you never heard of Nordmare before? We’re not surprised. We started out not that long ago, in Leek, in the middle of the North of the Netherlands.

Nordmare Engineering is a small engineering office, founded by Berjan Kooi. He is a 52-year-old nautical engineer who studied HTS Nautical Engineering in Harlem. So far, he has more than 25 years of experience – mainly – in the Northern Dutch and Northern German shipbuilding and yacht building. His focus is on the intersection between engineering and production.

Nordmare Engineering BV is a unique chance to start with ‘real’ work. We are small, and because of that very flexible. We do have a large network and sometimes receive questions from unexpected people.

Are you flexible and do you enjoy learning new things? Are you inspired and do you brainstorm in your head thinking about how to do things? And are you able to get those ideas down on paper or on the computer and, most importantly, can you explain them to someone else?

After that: just do it. Carry it out. Work it out, prepare and deliver what you thought of.

No, we are not a shipyard. You can’t just walk outside to a ship or look around the corner at the production department to see what something looks like in real life. We are honest about that. We are a simple office, and work behind the computer… It can be boring.

But in the meantime, we might be working on many different types of vessels. From a bulk carrier of 290 meters to a speedboat of 6 meters. Yachts of 60-70 meters, dredgers, work pontoons. Or masts and ras of a transverse sailing schooner…

There is no shipyard or other places where you could experience such a wide array of projects at the same time.

And this is exactly what makes us a great place to start. You can first gain some experience with us, instead of ‘learning’ another year in some trainee program, you can actually be a part of real projects. You can see how we deal with clients. You can see the multitude of parties involved, get to know new people, and build up your network.

We are offering you a chance to gain insight into that world called ‘shipbuilding’.

Berjan himself has worked for years on such an intersection of working experience: working very detail-oriented with design and engineering, going to the shipyard to see how they build, and learning from that. And seeing how they actually build ships using your brainwork. They are building, while you are already working on a completely different vessel: a different client, a different yard, a different way of working, and gaining experience rapidly.

And in the meantime, we make time to see what you enjoy doing, which way you want to go. We want you to find out what gives you energy along the way, and what you would like to further delve into.

Of course, there is work to be done at our office, but here you are not one small wheel in a big mechanism. Also, you can ask as many questions as you want, even stupid ones. Because how can someone who doesn’t ask any questions ever become an experienced engineer?

Does Nordmare Engineering sound good to you? Just give us a call!